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Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement

Farmer's Fitness Repair and Services, Preventative Maintenance programs are a great way to get the most out of your investment! We work with you to set up monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly routine maintenance schedule. During preventative maintenance visits we:


  • Inspect and test product safety features / mechanisms
  • Inspect and adjust drive, timing and running belts
  • Check for worn cables, belts and pulleys
  • Clean an lubricate chains, bearings and guide rods
  • Check and log mileage, amp draw and diagnostics / error codes
  • Check auto-lube wax levels and motor brushes / communicator
  • Adjust / tighten loose hardware, cables and belts, belt tracking
  • Perform full functional tests
  • Thoroughly wipe down equipment, vacuum under motor cover side covers
  • Perform all maintenance tasks recommended by individual manufactures


Routine maintenance can identify potential failures before they occur and increase the lifetime of your equipment and wear and tear items, including belts, decks, motors, pulleys, etc.This ultimately provides a safer and more enjoyable fitness environment for your clientele.


Preventative Maintenance programs are custom to the individual facility. Price is based on number of pieces and number of scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits (i.e. monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly). Should you experience equipment down-times we, will be on location to diagnose and fix the problem within 48 hours, Monday-Friday at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This is a courtesy to our customer and guarantee of performing the most extensive Preventative Maintenance visits in the industry.